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15 Seconds PixelArt [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

This map is specially designed for 1.0.5 alpha users. It is a great option for players who love buildings and puzzles. There are 3 levels in the game that requires you to replace some blocks. Everything is automatic thanks to command and redstone blocks.

Founded by: Kiritocris55

How does 15 Seconds PixelArt [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!) Map work?

The language of this game is Spanish. After spawning, you should choose the third button.

It is easy for you to recognize 3 pixel art sets. Make use of the presets to create your special sets. Ignore the next step if you don’t like creating your own set.

For example, I attempt to edit my pixel art.

Turn back to the lobby by using the Volver button. Then, you can start the game by clicking the Iniciar button.

Welcome to the first level. You must choose Resetear, Lvl 1 and Inicoar juego. The first level appears immediately. The time for rebuilding the first pixel art is 15 seconds.

After completing a level, you can move to the next one.

Notice: Use alpha version 1.0.5 to play the map.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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