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Minecraft PE seed : 1424215514 – Cave Spawn

In MCPE cave spawns is very rare moreover in this seed you will get the diamonds and ores. But before mining this cave you need to go above ground and find material to craft some tools. Don’t worry about iron because have a lot of iron ores in the cave system. After spawn, you will see some coal blocks and a pool lava behind you but don’t care about that thing just turn right and crossing the water and get the some diamond blocks. We recomment 5 blocks of diamond but in this cave system you can find more than five if you searching carefull you also can find more than 10 diamonds and rare ores. Good Luck!!.
Tips: Remember using an iron pickaxe or better to mine them because otherwise you won’t get the diamonds.









Seeds : 1424215514 Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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