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Minecraft PE seed : 1424108795 – Sand Mountain Village

In this seed you try to find a sand mountain village where have a blacksmith with a chest contain good items for your future adventure. You spawn on the a hilly landscape close by some pigs. Turn left and walking to that direction until you come to weirdly shaped mountain and turn slightly to your right you will reach to the desert. After few minutes looking in the desert you will find a large mountain, walk around or pass it you reach to the sand mountain village. The village have a part generated on the mountain and other part is laying in the ground. Also this village have some farms can be harvest and a blacksmith with a chest following items:  apple, 1 iron pickaxe, 3 ink sacks and 1 iron leggings, so it’s a pretty decent chest.




Seeds : 1424108795 Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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