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Minecraft PE seed : 1422183393 – Big Survival Island

Find an survival seed isn’t difficult in MCPE. A lot of seed is you spawn in an small island with no tree that so boring. In this seed, you spawn in center a large island surrounding it is other small island. But like other survival seed, this island lonely in the ocean very far with the mainland. To make your game more exciting let take an survival challenger:

  • Plant more trees using the saplings you get from harvesting the leaves of the current trees.
  • Cut down a few trees to build yourself a house.
  • Building farm and try to plan something.
  • Start building on a fence or a wall of some sort to protect your house and farm from hostile mobs.
  • Finding the mainland

Good Luck!!!




Seeds : 1422183393  Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

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