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Minecraft PE seed : 1417449469 – Savannah Mountains

In front of the spawn is fairly small hill, target of this seed is finding a mountains village. Get to it from the spawn you need diagonally to your left following the same mountain on your right, just follow that direction until you see two pool one of them is lava and other is water pool. Close the lava pool have a path, turn to the lava and walk in that direction (circling around the lava obviously). On the path that you will come across in this direction you can see the huge savannah biome with the beautiful mountains and the floating island. At the end of the path is a mountain village nicely situated on and in the savannah mountains, houses in there look like generated inside the mountains. Especially a house in here, connected with a cave system.





Overview of savannah biome
The village
Seeds : 1417449469  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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