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Minecraft PE seed : 1417312165 – Best Chest

The spawn is on the side of the mountain. In front of you is a beautiful waterfall, from the spawn if you walk straight ahead you will reach to a mountain village with some part of the village has been generated on the side of the mountain. In the village, the first things you will see is gear, everyone know that is perfect beginning because with the gear you can craft lots of things. In the village have a blacksmith, but take care with the lava because it can be burn up everything. In side the chest you can find lots of good thing, I will write down of this post. Have another village in this seed, just go to the left of the first village and cross all forest. The answer of the reward of that village, is for you.





Second village
Seeds : 1417312165  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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