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Minecraft PE seed : 1416082668 – Roofed Forest

This seed have nicely terrain, it contain huge roofed forest and swamp biome in your right and also have river flow along side surrounding of the forest. You spawn inside this roofed forest, from this forset you can find an dungeon. First you need find the area have marked by white circle below it located inside forest but lying on the large grass field. In there have a little hole, find it and start digging down and you will lead to a tunnel. Now follow the images below and get your price at the end of the cave system.
Roofed Forest
Swamp biome
Dig from here to reach to the cave system.



From the entrance of the cave, follow the path until you see lot of water, follow that flow of it and at the end of path is is two chests and a skeleton spawner. But first you need break some blocks.


The chest in the cave system contain :

  • Wheat x 10
  • String x 8
  • Gun Powder x 2
  • Bread x 1

If you want to get more details of this seed please watch the video below:

Seeds : 1416082668  Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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