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Minecraft PE Seed: 1411648432 – Glitched Triple Village

The spawn is quite of simply that is a normal plains biome in front of you, and if you turn around then move little walk you will get to the extreme mountain biome, to the there you must swim over to a river.


But the exciting thing doesn’t close to the spawn, that is a triple glitched village. To get there from the the spawn you must turn to left and walk straight ahead to that direction until you see beginning of a swamp biome, in there by looking a little bit from your right some roof of house will be appear.


The most exciting glitched in this seed is you will see two blacksmith has been generated overlap to the other, that made it cool and of course very useful. Both of chest in two blacksmith will give you following items: obsidian, iron, bread & ink sacs.


Moreover is some glitched made this seed very special and worthy to seen it.

That is a house overlap to the other house making it look like a large villa.


The other glitched in close the swamp biome, that made lily pads lying on the briges. We all know the lily pads only placed on water but with the glitched made that so weird and cool.

Seeds : 1411648432 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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