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Minecraft PE Seed: 1408209772 – Survival Island

A type of survival seed. Probably is a very hard challenger seed, ì you want a challenger survival seed this seed actually is a better seed you can find in the Minecraft Pocket Edition because this island quite small and doesn’t lot of space.


In this seed you spawn on the top of a tree in the island located somewhere in the ocean, we sure it very far distance with the mainland and other island. Around the island is totally is water. Also you can find an small open cave in the island but in there haven’t nothing, just some iron blocks….But you can using it like a shelter that is the advantage of a hollow cave.


Moreover you can dig down at the spawn (spawn tree). And after a while you can find a large cave, with some diamonds. But before get them, you must passing a little bit different adventure. To get more details watch the video below. Good luck!!!


Seeds :  1408209772 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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