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Minecraft PE Seed: 1408162313 – Ocean Front Village

Spawn by the shore. From the spawn if you follow that direction and after about 100-120 blocks ahead you will see a small village situated there just by the ocean. The village have a blacksmith then the first things you should do is come to blacksmith then take everything you can in the chest. But in this chest you will got random items, in my situation luckily I got lots of good items that is: held emeralds, bread, coal, swords and a few apples. 




In this village have a secret leading down tunnel, it located in the center of the village. That is huge hole with lots of mustery inside it. Come to that hole and you will find an small staircase leading down into the cave.



In the cave have lots of good items and sometime you will find diamond and gold. But first you must kill the skeleton protect the chest. Close there is a skeleton spawner…  Careful!!!. Mostly chest in the cave contain food, iron but sometime they contain gem or gold.


If you want come back to the village agian, have an easy ways is dig straight up through the roof, about 10 blocks you are out of the cave also you create a new path from the cave to the village.

Seeds : 1408162313 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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