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Minecraft PE Seed: 1407434958 – Island Village

The island village quite of rare in the Minecraft PE. And here we have an one of island village seed, that is very fun and unique seed, type of island seed is very diversity: jungle, desert… but most of them is doesn’t any house or villager, then finding an island village is very difficult. Although it very rare but isn’t much to be said about it, just a village lying on the island and the interesting thing we you will leave for you discover them.


But sometime by the glitch you doesn’t spawn in the island. If in that situation, you need swim or fly (in the creative mode) to come the island. If you get that situation, please leave at the comment that direction you have to go. Many thanks.

Seeds : 1407434958 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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