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Minecraft PE seed : 1406201616 – 10+ Diamonds

Another survival seed for today, we have already know the type of the survival island is you spawn on the medium or small island far out of the sea, anh from there you can’t see any land, island close it. Other type survival seed you will difficult to find resources, but in this seed are different from the spawn you just need dig straight down and you will find 10+ diamonds, 2 mob spawners and one chest with great loot.
From the spawn, keep digging down and you will fall down to the cave system


After fall down to the cave system, you reach to the first cave. In here have lots of water pushing you. Then if you want continue your adventure you need block of the water source before go down into the depths.



Continue digging and after a while you reach to the mineshaft. The first things you meet is a lava pool.



Anh you will find a spider spawner and a zombie spawner too.


Moreover, if you try to searching this mineshaft careful, it you bring you lots of surprise with gold ores and diamonds. And of course, you can find a chest in here with following items:

  • 4 iron ingots
  • 2 wheat
  • 2 strings
  • 1 bread
  • 1 bucket

Seeds : 1406201616 Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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