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Minecraft PE seed : 1405211550 – Epic Floating Islands

The main section of this seed is an epic floating island. But first, let’s explore this seed, except the huge floating island this seed also have multiple villages and a beautiful terrain of jungle forests and flowery hills. On your left of the spawn is sand village, at the center of the village is a blacksmith with a chest contain following items: 2 emeralds, 3 ink sacs, 3 saplings, 2 apples, 3 obsidian blocks. Back to the spawn, on your right is a river with some mushroom trees and the beginning of a normal forest, follow the flow of the river and you come to an swamp biome and take some pumpkins for food. Soon you will see the extreme hills biome in front of you. Cross or walk around it and after few seconds walking the floating islands will soon appear. Please watch the video below to get more information.
Sand village







Floating islands

Seeds : 1405211550 Work in PE ver0.10.0+ or ver0.10.5

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