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10 Villages, 7 Blacksmiths & 1 Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed opens a good opportunity for you to discover 10 special villages. These villages have many special things to enjoy, including an end portal, a stronghold, etc.

How does 10 Villages, 7 Blacksmiths & 1 Stronghold Seed work?

After walking ahead, you will find the first village on the right side of a river.

Next, come back and across the river on your right side to see the second village.

Once you meet a swift turn of the river, you should walk straightly. Turn left, and you will see several Savannah mountains there.

It takes you a short time to see the second village. Due to fire, the blacksmith lacks the chest. Enter the chest to collect some iron and an iron pickaxe.

Follow the direction below, and you no longer find a river there. If you fly in the right way, you can come back to the original position.

Come in this position to leave the first village and see several Savannah Mountains in front of you.

Continue to overcome Savannah Mountains and walk straightly.

After crossing a desert biome, you should walk straightly until you see the village.

Enter the chest of the blacksmith in your village. You can find these important things:

  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 2 bread
  • 2 apples

Now, it’s time to turn back to the first village.

The fourth village is in front of you, which requires you to pass many savannah landscapes.

You can find out these following necessary items:

  • 1 iron pickaxe
  • 1 iron sword
  • 1 iron boots
  • 1 iron leggings
  • 1 iron chestplate
  • 4 apples

There is a well located in the village. Your task is digging down the well to find a stronghold. Enter the stronghold and see many valuable things here.

Pay close attention to the following video to discover other parts of the village.

Seed: 85292285

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