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10 Piston Creations [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

There are 10 special creations of piston in 10 Piston Creations [Redstone] Map. You will be impressed by many things such as nice bridges and a great walking robot. They inspire the feeling of happiness to the players.

Founded by: Bensen247

Look at some following Redstone creations. The first picture is perhaps the most favorite one. Discover the reason why.

It allows you to see a crafting table and hide effectively. However, changing the crafting table to other block is possible.

This is a great creation thanks to the new observer block. When you destroy the block, it produces a TNT block.

Here is a robot with 4 legs. It has the ability to release fire charges and walk as well.

By pulling the lever, you can activate the missile launcher.

How to Install 10 Piston Creations [Redstone] Map



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