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10 Diamonds Under Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Owning valuable diamonds becomes possible with 10 Diamonds Under Spawn Seed. It is considered as a good method to help you create amazing items such as diamond pickaxe. No need to go far away, feel great to benefit from 10 diamonds.

After spawning, you can get some flowers on your hands. Continue to dig forward the flower’s center. Then, you will see a cave.

Next, your task is moving around the seed. It helps you avoid the pouring lava. Turn right, and it’s time for you to meet the first 6 diamonds.

Before turning right, you had better come back to your previous place. Remember that one tunnel comes with the flowing water. Follow the tunnel, and you will meet two diamonds there. These diamonds are on your right side.

Here are 4 diamonds you can find out.

You have a great opportunity to get 10 diamonds.

Seed: Wall-e

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