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0.14.3 Update – Small Update!

The Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.3 Update was recently released on May 19, 2016. That is 22 days after the release of 0.14.2. That means Minecraft PE players are one step closer to getting that long awaited 0.15.0 Update. Unlike 0.14.2, which the main addition was the ground breaking Realms addition, 0.14.3 came with new skins.
0.14.0 update

Additions to 0.14.3 Update

  • There are a total of 24 new skins in total which is parts of the Biome Settlers 2 Skin Pack. These skins includes:
– Mooshroom Archer
– Mooshroom Tamer
– Mooshroom Brewer
– Mooshroom Brawler
– Mooshroom Explorer
– Mooshroom Engineer
– Mooshroom Forager
– Mooshroom Farmer
– Mooshroom Hunter
– Mooshroom Griefer
– Mooshroom Glutton
– Mooshroom Miner
– Nether Tamer
– Nether Archer
– Nether Brawler
– Nether Banished
– Nether Engineer
– Nether Brewer
– Nether Extinguisher
– Nether Explorer
– Nether Wart Griefer
– Nether Wart Farmer
– Nether Wart Miner
– Nether Wart Hunter

Minor Tweaks

The top layer of cacti will no longer prick mobs and players.

Bug Fixes

  • There is now the correct cloud texture to the 0.14.3 update because it got messed up in the 0.14.2 update.

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