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Minecraft is Coming to VR!

minecraft is coming to vr

Here comes Minecraft Gear VR Edition! You can now play minecraft on your mobile device, but in a totally new way! If you already have the Gear VR, get ready for some next generation gaming because Minecraft is Coming to VR! What is Minecraft Gear VR Edition? It is still the same Minecraft Pocket Edition that you all play everyday, …

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Raw Mutton – In Development!

raw mutton

Raw Mutton, first introduced in June 30, 2014 on the PC version of Minecraft, is coming soon to the Pocket Edition of Mincraft! This may be a small feature, but it is good food for you eat to replenish your hunger and you health. What is Raw Mutton? Raw Mutton (Mutton in French means baby sheep) is a type of …

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Name Tags – Upcoming Feature!

name tags

Want to give a name to someone without forgetting whether or not you gave them a name? You just might soon be able to as Name Tags are currently in development and will come to Minecraft Pocket Edition in the foreseeable future. What are Name Tags? If you play any other video games then you know what a Name …

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Leads – Coming Soon to Minecraft PE!


Minecraft Pocket Edition is steadily catching up with Minecraft PC. And one of the upcoming features that is going to help MCPE do that is Leads. What are Leads? A lead, also known as a leash, can be used by the player to lead passive mobs such as horses, pigs, wolves and the such. To make a lead, …

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