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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE, 0.16.2 including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

its a moo – Spawn at Mesa Biome

A great mesa biome spawn. In this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed, you will spawn in a mesa biome and you also will find an abandoned mineshaft. One of great mesa seed we have.....

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HyperSheep – Get Full Armor

In this seed we will find full a iron armor in five minutes. After spawning on this Minecraft Pocket Edition Seed you will find one part of the armo close with you, you can find it in the blacksmith on the village located on the right of you at the spawn point. Let's come to there....

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HULK ANGRY – Ocean Mesa Seed

This seed is an survival seed, in this seed you spawn close an deep ocean mesa biome very beautiful. After the game start, and spawn you into an island surrounded by ocean...

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-1385905961: Triple Village At Spawn Minecraft PE Seed

triple village at spawn

Villages are not exactly difficult to find but whenever multiple villages are spawned at the exact same area which make them look as one larger village – like what we have here – then they immediately become very interesting! In this seed you will not have to walk far to get to the triple village at spawn which has loads of …

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290436335: Double Desert Temple Seed for Minecraft PE

double desert temple

Here is a nice seed for you to use for your next survival adventure. Just a little further away from the spawning point, you will find a double desert temple which includes lots of gold ingots, iron ingots and some diamonds. Not a bad start, eh! Once you have spawned, turn around and run in that direction, crossing over …

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BETA PLEASE – Dungeon Seed

In the dungeon have a zombie spawner, a chest with average items. Have two caves is the major of the dungeon with 2 waterfall. You may found a lots of ores in two major cave. Good Luck!!!

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money maker – Cool NPC Villager

If you want to find an nice village seed in the Minecraft Pocket Edition seed in version 0.10.0+, you come to right place. In this seed you spawn close two villages, one village have a blacksmith with really good loot. The second village doesn't, but in this village you can found an stronghold (contain a end portal).....

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