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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE, 0.16.2 including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

118334 – Rare Ores Under Spawn

In this Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0+ seed you will spawn in a plain biome. After spawn, you should mark the spawn point. Under the spawn is an cave system with a lots of rare ores: diamonds, gold, lapis, redstone...

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29300 – 3 Villages close spawn

Have two more village you can found in this seed. From the first village, as you can see the cliff behind the first village, come there you will see some patch of pumpkins, continue that direction and you find another village located in the hills with unique look. At the second village, if you turn right you will …

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btryl – Village Combat Seed

Are you ready for battle? In this seed you spawn close to a village. In this village have an blacksmith with a sword, iron boots and an iron chestplate. With all items above then you have full armor and weapon to battle with all creature....

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lololl – Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa

In the version 0.11.0+ have new type of mesa biome, that is bryce mesa biome. In this seed you will spawn close the bryce mesa biome and a deep ocean. From the spawn, easy to come the bryce mesa biome....

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didi – Gold Mesa Biome

Spawn point is located in a mesa biome. In this Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.11.0+ seed you will find an cave with a lots of gold.....

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FINAL – Stronghold Seed

In this seed you will spawn in the roof of a house in the village. In the village you will find a blacksmith, but the main section of this seed in the well of the village. That is a strongholds, specially is two strongholds overlapping to each other....

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Camp – Abandoned Mineshaft

In this Minecraft PE 0.11.0+ seed you will spawn on above a abandoned mineshaft. Before you explore the seed, you should mark the spawn. After you have eought wood to craft pickaxe.....

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RECESS – Diamonds under Spawn

An seed in version 0.11.0+ with diamonds. After spawn you should mark the spawn by a block, then explore the seed before digging down the spawn to find diamonds. In the surface of the seed, you have an massive swamp, a small jungle, an medium village with a blacksmith and some extreme hills...

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