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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Minecraft PE Seed: looking for tree – Two Large Blocks

The spawn is one of the two large blocks mountain located somewhere in the sea. On the top of the each large mountain blocks is a perfect place for building shelter or house, probably if you building in there you wil safe in the night because the scary creature can't attack you in the night...

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Minecraft PE Seed: -1006519354 – Two Village

In this seed you spawn close two village, each of them located in each different biome, one of them located in the farmland and the other village has located in the desert biome. In the village located in the farmland have a blacksmith....

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Minecraft PE Seed: 106854229 – Mushroom Island

A nice seed has found by InfernoCrafter, you spawn in the small survival island. By go straight ahea you will soon see the large mushroom island, also you can find some cool island close it. In this seed got lots of cool things we haven't discover yet....

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Minecraft PE Seed: epicnesss jebness – Great Jungle

Here is an nice jungle seed, jungle seed haven't got any attention in the Minecraft PE player because in the jungle have only tree (maybe you can found an village but jungle village is very rarity). This seed different with the other, it got lots of interesting things....

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Minecraft PE Seed: 805967637 – Stronghold

In this seed we finding a stronghold. We always try to digging group to finding something new and in this seed after digging down at the spawn we has find an stronghold, has been hidden underneath the ground....

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Minecraft PE Seed: Fantasy – Enormous Mountains

An nice seed with a lots of cool features can be found in this seed. Spawn close an extreme hills, large mountains with unnatural overhangs, open cave with epic tunnels, beautiful river, some lava pool. But the most interesting things in this seed is a taiga biome close by, with some baby wolf inside it...

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Minecraft PE Seed: 0128272711 – Extreme Hills Biome

This seed is an impressive seed, in this seed you can find lots of extreme hills and mountains with stone and rocks, a nice place for mining. You can find large chunks of the type of stone extreme hills island around the seed because they spawn randomly in the seed....

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