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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Minecraft PE Seed: johnny appleseed – 4 Villages

This seed has been found by an youtuber name AceCraftGaming. After spawn in this seed he has said: “An absolutely mind-blowing seed, guys!”. So you can trust this seed is a really nice seed. The spawn is close to a large village, actually is two villages is almost combined....

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Minecraft PE Seed: Ace & Tnl – Epic Survival Island

This seed is a survival seed, you spawn in a small island located somewhere in the sea and, of course this seed the same with other survival island it very far from mainland. Inside the island you can find an cave system quite complex can be located in the underneath....

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Minecraft PE Seed: -1309634265 – Extreme Hills

In this seed you will spawn in a forest, at the first time you will things this seed doesn't impressive. But if you using creative mode you will see the extreme hills and caves in the seed. With the creative mode it will help you choose the best place to building shelter or house,...

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Minecraft PE Seed: porsche – Forest on Cliff

The spawn is a forest, exactly is in the cliff inside the forest. A nice place for survival because in there you have everything you needed, tree, food around you. Moreover you got lots of open cave to explore them, inside the cave have rare ores and mobs spawner, kill them and get your reward....

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1405198392 – Mesa Village

After you spawn, you will realize you spawn in a medium village and it is the border of two different biomes, one of them is Mesa biome and secondly is Flatland biome.The village close the water then you can imagine the village look like an fishing village with a harbor....

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Minecraft PE Seed: looking for tree – Two Large Blocks

The spawn is one of the two large blocks mountain located somewhere in the sea. On the top of the each large mountain blocks is a perfect place for building shelter or house, probably if you building in there you wil safe in the night because the scary creature can't attack you in the night...

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