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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE, 0.16.2 including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Minecraft PE Seed: Rainbowdash – Huge Waterfall

No need to describe this seed, because the title is tell everything's about it. You spawn in on top of the hill, close the spawn, just walk straight ahead about 20-30 blocks you will see the huge waterfall with many blocks in width. The waterfall is biggest waterfall we has seen. So isn't it worth to explore ?

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Minecraft PE Seed: I Am A Belieber – Floating Islands

An seed with a small floating island above the spawn, surrounding terrain is extreme hill biome with unnatural overhang. Even though it type of most of seed in Minecraft but pretty sure, it worthy to try because, it have some unique things of it own.

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1395001428 – Extreme Hills

You got an cool seed with a lots of cool feature. The first things you will see after spawn is an extreme hill with large overhang of two levels, secondly is an robust island ( Is an type of island with corner quite rough, overall impress is very robust)....

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Minecraft PE Seed: Flow up – Out of Place

The mountains you has seen at the spawn is an type of mountain really flows up. In the top of mountains you will find two tree. I'm pretty sure in your head is imagine an little house in there - like the dream house in movie "UP"!...

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Minecraft PE Seed: Warhammer – Little Overhang

A really nice seed. Spawn close an shakey overhang with a tree on top of it. Go foward from the spawn you also can find an open cave with an great tunnel, go forward to that direction until you get out the tunnel it will lead you come to an beautiful waterfall inside the cavern.

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1397625465 – Rocky Mountains

As you seen in the images of this post isn't everything of it. In this seed you can find lots of cool feature, like an large mountains, extreme hill with large overhang. Moreover if you find in this seed carefully you can find some shallow mount with large open cave, or some flow lava.

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1225409798 – Two Biomes Meeting

Spawn in one island of the group of small island. Especially this seed contain two biome in once overall flat surface. More detail in the images below, you can see have an snow biome interacting with the grass flat landscape. A really rarity and cool seed, try it out.

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