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Minecraft PE Seeds

Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.0.3, 0.16.2 including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Minecraft PE Seed: blocky – Small Islands

A nice survival seed, spawn in an one of two survival island but in this seed they close to the mainland. The islands may very hard to build something because they so small. So to made it can be live island you need expand to a few blocks....

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Minecraft PE Seed: zvutd – Epic Overhang

In this seed you spawn close an extreme hill with gigantic overhang. The overhang creates an epc cavern under the extreme hill with grand features. Surrounding the extreme hill with can find an medium mountain with two levels...

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Minecraft PE Seed: SNICKERS – Ores & Nice Little Hill

If you're finding an seed with lots of resources without find them all the seed, don't overlook this seed. From the spawn just digging straight down about 10-15 blocks and you will fall down to an cavern system with plenty of ores. Exactly you will find diamonds, gold, iron, some redstone and a ton of more other ores....

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Minecraft PE Seed: Nestle – Caverns, Floating Islands

You spawn in great seed with lots of cool feature. After spawn you will see an large open cavern, inside the cavern, follow the tunnel it will leading you to an waterfall inside the cavern. Surrounding area very interesting with extreme hill, also an floating island can be found in this seed....

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Minecraft PE Seed: Rainbowdash – Huge Waterfall

No need to describe this seed, because the title is tell everything's about it. You spawn in on top of the hill, close the spawn, just walk straight ahead about 20-30 blocks you will see the huge waterfall with many blocks in width. The waterfall is biggest waterfall we has seen. So isn't it worth to explore ?

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Minecraft PE Seed: I Am A Belieber – Floating Islands

An seed with a small floating island above the spawn, surrounding terrain is extreme hill biome with unnatural overhang. Even though it type of most of seed in Minecraft but pretty sure, it worthy to try because, it have some unique things of it own.

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