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Add-ons for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Add-ons for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

Mine-Pogo Add-on for Minecraft PE

As a pogo stick, the Mine-Pogo Add-on is very effective in jumping freely everywhere you want. Although this pogo is not the fastest vehicle, it still looks cool in many aspects. There are two color options for you to choose, including the red and the blue pogo. Both of these polo share the same functionality. Founded by: MicoLets_MC …

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 Mouse Add-on for Minecraft PE

In this add-on, a mouse is the main character and it replaces the silverfish. Be careful with the mouse because it will attack players when it gets the opportunity. It is advisable for you to own a domesticated cat to protect yourself from this hostile mouse. The domesticated cat is a vanilla mob, which tends to kill hostile …

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Hot Rod Add-on for Minecraft PE

This is a typical hot rod with the old-fashioned style to discover. Simulating classic American cars, this hot rod equips a big engine in the front, a great flame paintjob design, a large trunk compartment, and the small space for one player. Founded by: Gona The Best Way to Use Hot Rod Add-on Use a spawn egg to …

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Transformers Addon for Minecraft PE

If you are a big fan of Transformers movie, you actually fall in love with Transformers Addon. This addon has two alien robots, which have the capability of transforming into serious chaos and various vehicles. When enjoying this game, you can see a big disorder that you haven’t known before in the Overworld. Discover all gorgeous features of …

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Dragons Add-on for Minecraft PE

Have you ever dreamed of becoming the mother or father of dragons? This dream will come true with Dragons Add-on. This add-on offers the great ability for you to tame a dragon into a useful pet, which helps you a lot in overcoming difficulties. The dragon is one of the strongest mobs you can find out in Minecraft …

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Improved Minecart Add-on for Minecraft PE

The main function of Improved Minecart Add-on is adding the new improvement of minecart to Minecraft. When it comes to enjoying this game, you have a good chance to experience 3 main applications, including a seat for one user, a chest for storing things, and an arrow shooter. It’s worth making use of these items because they help …

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Flags Addon for minecraft PE

Enjoy a bunch of lovely flags in this interesting game. As a replacement of the shulker, this addon has the ability of spawning some random flags at the end of the game. With the creative design in the Overworld, these flags can be used effectively as the great decorations. Changing the color of flags is possible due to …

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Lions Add-on for Minecraft PE

As its name suggests, this add-on offers the great replacement for some mobs in the world of game with lions. Lion is a powerful animal that needs high respect. It becomes extremely dangerous when it feels hungry. However, you can tame a strong lion to turn it into a friendly pet. Besides, a youngling lion seems to be …

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