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Add-ons for Minecraft PE

Collection of the best Add-ons for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, will help you change the look and the feel in your game. We update MCPE Addons everyday.

PlayerRenderHud Addon for Minecraft PE

When it comes to playing this game, you have a good chance to enjoy a great 3D render of your character. Your character is equipped all importantly visual things such as the weapon and the armor. The game works well with both Android and iOS devices. It may look unattractive in other software like Windows 10. Founded by: …

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Evil Chicken Addon for Minecraft PE

As its name suggests, Evil Chicken Addon turns chickens into hostile animals to players. Say goodbye with eggs for breakfast. The chickens become a favorite dish for everyone. Founded by: SteveBlockhead How does Evil Chicken Addon work? Keep a suitable distance with the chickens. No matter you stand closely or far away the chickens, they will stare at …

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UFO Addon for Minecraft PE

In UFO Addon, you have a good chance to see a flying vehicle, which has been known as a flying saucer or an unidentified flying object. This is the reason why UFO stands for unidentified flying object. Explore the amazing world of Minecraft as the followings. Founded by: JPlaysPE How does UFO Addon work? Flying saucers replace Skeletons …

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Gorillas Add-on for Minecraft PE

In Gorillas Add-on, creepers are replaced by gorillas. The gorillas baby is very cute and it can be tamed to become a lovely pet. Besides, a gorillas adult will protect you from danger. Knowing the close relationship between human and gorillas encourages you to explore this game immediately. Founded by: Gona The best ways to tame a gorilla …

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Illusionist Addon ( Only!) for Minecraft PE

This is a new mob, which is the great addition for version 1.12 for Minecraft (PC). The Illusionist will replace two mobs in game. Therefore, you may find it hard to search this addon in the internet. However, don’t worry. Give it a try by following our guides. Founded by: Jason Metch How does Illusionist Addon ( Only!) …

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Mine-NameTagBoss Addon for Minecraft PE

In this addon, there are eight different bosses that can be slicked by different name tags. Try to defeat these dangerous bosses because they will drop valuable loot that you have to work hard to get. Founded by: MicoLets_MC The Best Way to Spawn a Boss Your first necessary requirement is renaming a name tag by using an …

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Toy Soldier Addon for Minecraft PE

In Toy Soldier Addon, there are two separate armies of toy trying to defeat each other. The main characters of this game are toy soldiers. They play many functions and can be improved to the next stage. Another benefit of this addon is that you can play it singly or by multiplayer. Founded by: Rexiar How does Toy …

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Star Warz Addon for Minecraft PE

When it comes to this addon, you have a great opportunity to discover a great number of vehicles, items and characters from the Star Wars universe. All of them appear in Minecraft in an appealing way. Feel amazing to fly in the skies with a TIE Fighter Darth Vader or see directly Darth Vader. Everything is completely in …

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